Refugee Welcome-Event

Offers for refugees

We provide refugees with advice and support on topics such as choice of study and application, study entry and student grants. Our offers are multilingual.

Monday 13:00-15:00* Ms Susan Kazi (German/English)
Monday 16:30-18:00** Mr Mohammad Farhad Vaziri Raieni (German/English/Farsi)
Wednesday 08:30-10:00** Mr Nouri Alnahawi (German/Englisch/Arabic)
Thursday 16:30-18:00** Mr Mohammad Farhad Vaziri Raieni (German/English/Farsi)
Friday 10:15-11:45** Mr Nouri Alnahawi (German/Englisch/Arabic)

Individual appointments outside the regular consultation hours are available upon request.

*high rise building, Rm 00.38, Schöfferstr. 3, Darmstadt
**high rise building, Rm 00.36

Financial support during your studies

Information about costs of studying and financial support is available under  Financial support for refugees.


Ms Susan Kazi


Die Deutschen lieben Papier - Geflüchtete im Vorstudium (Frankfurter Allgemeine vom 08.08.2017)

Geflüchtete schließen Vorstudium ab - anspruchsvolle Sprachprüfung (Echo Online vom 04.08.2017)

Lernen, wie man studiert - Vorstudium an der h_da (Echo Online vom 27.04.2016)

Home stays

Home stays at German host families – more information is available at Experiment e.V.