Examinations in Germany may differ considerably from exams in your home country. At h_da the main objective of exams is to prove that you can apply the knowledge learned in a new technical context. This means that simply “regurgitating” the information received (i.e. learning the lecture content by heart) will not lead to success. You will very likely have to adopt new learning and studying techniques. Intensive study is required to prepare for exams and presentations. We recommend the following:

  • Study regularly – it trains your brain!
  • Establish a daily routine. Between 9am and noon, and 3 and 6pm your body and mind can usually study more efficiently and effectively. Avoid studying during lunchtime.
  • Always try to study in the same environment and in an hourly rhythm, e.g. 45 minutes of study time followed by a 15 minute break.
  • Set realistic targets and keep them. Do not interrupt a study/review unit.
  • During study breaks you should leave the room and thoroughly air it out. Have a snack and get some exercise.
  • During exams you should use the days to study intensively and then make sure to enjoy your spare time – without a guilty conscience.
  • Study groups with a maximum of 6 persons can facilitate a lively exchange of information before exams and aid learning through questions, discussions, etc.

Learning Center

The Learning Center is very popular among h_da students when preparing projects or presentations alone or in groups. The h_da Learning Center is located in building D17. It is equipped with 25 workstations in 2 large working areas, 2 working areas for small groups for up to 6 students and a presentation area for 11 students equipped with flip chart, smart board and beamer.
In addition, the Electrical Engineering department houses its own learning center in building D11. Here you’ll find all the technical software installations required for your study.

Competence Center Lehre plus (teaching plus)

The competence centre offers workshops on self-organized study that cover topics such as time management and the use of different software programs.